A little something about me:

I have been tinkering in web design since the mid 90's.  I've always made my own listings for NF and made tons of pages in Geocities-back when they were around.  

Soon I developed a passion for making pretty pages and listings, I now offer my services to you. I'm also attending school to get my Bachelors Degree. 

The thing that makes me different is I strive to get to know you and what you as an individual have to offer. I love to touch base with you along that way , I prefer to speak to you on the phone or online so I can find out what makes you special.

If I can get a grip on what sets you apart from others it allows your personality to shine through and in my years of taking calls, I've learned the customers like a genuine personality, and appreciate it!

I take a personal approach to my work because I've always been self employed whether is be Dancing, Taking Calls or now in my Design work- the biggest lesson I've learned is always to make a friend, never a customer.