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Really proud of this one:

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I was contacted by a friend to do a listing for her, this is what I've come up with thus far, I'm adding more buttons also.

If you ladies have any ideas for some stickers for blogs just let me know!

Hello and Welcome to my Site

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Please forgive the ads for now, I'm gong to upgrade soon.  I've waited until I could put everything together for the site to post my url.

Take a look around and contact me if you'd like to use my services.

Things have been more busy around here than ussual so I've been sort of out of touch and I'm sorry for my friends that have been wondering where I was.  My little brother showed up here with a pregnant girlfriend (VERY pregnant) and nothing else. So my house is not as quiet as it normally is and I've been trying to get her setled with Doctors and whatever assistance she can use, I'm out of the loop on that sort of thing so I think it's probably taking me longer that it would someone else to help her.

Although there is some good news, my hubby is getting me a little Baby Teacup Chihuahua.  All I know is she is white with three spots and both her parents are under 3 lbs.  I'm SO EXCITED!!  My brother did find a place and they are taking Zelda on, you may not follow my other blog but Zelda is aan older Foster rottie we took int hat was too old for placement but Marissa (sis-in -law to be) fell in love with her and hates to be alone so Zelda is perfect for her. Plus Zelda loves kids, even if she hates other dogs.

That means I can put my fence back up and do more rescues!  We helped with four little puppies so far this summer but so many more are in need of good homes, sometimes it's just a matter of days before we can home a whole litte of puppies others we end up with for motnhs- normally the adults.  It's so worth it.

Zelda will only be a block away so I can still see her every day! yipee!

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience

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It's time to move my blog and incorporate it with my website.

I think it will be much easier for me to manage my work if everything is in one place. It will also make it easier for you to keep track of what I have avaiable for you now.

I think I will keep my other blog for Freebies and link it on here so those are always easy for you to find as well.


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