What I offer

 I offer a unique approach to your listing. I strive to design a listing that reflects your personality. I find once you allow yourself to shine through the customers relate better with you.

As an individual you have something only you can offer. That is YOU!  So lets make a listing that reflects who you are and what YOU have to offer than no one else does! 


Very Simple Listing and 6 Buttons - $45.00  

That is for a nice but simple listing, no layering.

You write the code. I design a pretty and simple

header and matching custom buttons. 


 For $20.00 More I'll code your listing for you.


Fancy Listings-  Flashy Animated Buttons and layered Header.

These listings include up to 8 Buttons. $75.00  


Button Pack Custom Just for you- $12.00 up to 10 buttons Plain

$15.00 for Flashy buttons - up to 8 Buttons

Plain Banner - 460 x 68 $15.00

Fancy Banners - $20.00 up to 5 Frames 

 I'll add  separate text for ALL your listings if you want for $10.00 more.

Even my simple listings are completely custom unless you but a basic template from me.

I like to keep in touch with you along the way - It takes time to find something that suits you and fits your personality.  I also will edit your pics to fit in with you listing up to 4 pictures on ANY listing I make.   

Please once you decide to get a listing done be quick with your button codes- so I can your page back to you. The more time you take the longer it takes me to finish and I like to be quick! :) 


I don't charge a full 30% mark up on Niteflirt but I do mark it up a little to make up for the difference and the time it takes to get their html editor  to make your listing look the way it should!  Fancy listings finished coded-with a free banner will run you $100-$120 completely finished all you have to do is copy and paste and it works- Period!  If something goes wrong I fix it no questions asked. 


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